Friday, July 16, 2010

Today's Surprise

I called my husband from work today:

me: I got a present today
him: oh? what?
me: guess
him: oh I don't know
me: it's from H. (works near me, in a clothing store)
him: oh no, shoes?
me: worse
him: a cupon?
me: a mannequin!!!
him: what?!

H and I were chatting the other day (she frequently comes over to my store on her many 'pee breaks' through out the day) and she was saying that she bought two fabulous Marilyn Monroe replica dresses on ebay.  I asked her if she wore them and she said no, they're on display in her dressing room (I wish) on two mannequins that her store was getting rid of.  I thought that was fabulous.  I told her that I had always wanted a dressmaker's dummy.  I think they look cool, and I would totally use it to make clothes for myself, but also to display outfits and try different looks (if I only had my own dressing room too!).

Anyway, doesn't she walk over to the store today with a manniquin tucked under her arm!
 It's headless, armless and legless, lol. She said that if she finds some extra legs in storage she'll bring them over too.  I'm going to pad it and cover it in fabric...when I have a place to put it.  Right now it's going to live beside my Chanel make-up stand in my parents storage barn....waiting for the day when I do have a dressing room.


  1. The rental fee for storage has gone up! I want that form!!!!

  2. LOL, we can share. You can have her until I have a dressing room. Oh, and her name is Audrey.


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