Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shoe organizing and other fun things!

First of all:
I bought some new shelves to store the footwear in our house.

Oh how organized my front hallway looks!

in other news...I gave up on trying to post pics from my mac (for now), so I'm back on my dell.  It's slow, but I know how to use it.  So, here are the pictures of my crazy British tights a friend brought me back from her UK vacation (referenced here ):

don't they look like vintage movie posters or advertisments?
I'm thinking in the fall I'll wear them with a black dress and black boots.
What do you think FringeGirl...weird, eh?

my mom won a blog giveaway (you'll have to ask her whose blog it was) and she gave me her tres fab prize:

I think this is so beautiful.

Now I'm on a mission to find gold earrings...I only wear silver normally, but I did manage to find these taupey brown pearl studs in my jewellery box to wear in the mean time.
*hint hint to Dad: I need gold earrings that are feather hair piece appropriate**


  1. Love the dark hair!


  2. You should have a before pic of your hallway. Really impressive shoe lineup. Love the tights.

  3. Those tights are cute, not sure I could pull them off though.

  4. I really like the tights! If my legs were thinner, I'd wear stuff like that, but if I wore them, it would be like looking at photos on the wide-screen. ;-)

    Love the hair piece.


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