Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rocket Dog Unbreaks My Heart

I am happy to report that Rocket Dog did send me new shoes in the end.  As I mentioned in a previous post, they offered me a credit for the sale price of my sandals, but they weren't on sale online.  So, I found a pair of shoes that were on sale.  They nicely waived the shipping fee to Canada for me and my shoes arrived about 2 days ago!

I chose these little flats because A: they were on sale and B: they are perfect to wear to work and will go with any outfit. They fit perfectly and are comfortable.  I wore them to work all day and had no problems, but I did add an insole for day two because I stand on a hard floor all day and these don't have much support or cushion. But, that's kinda the nature of flats.  I wear Dr. Scholl's insoles in most of my shoes.  Everything is just more comfy that way!

After the previous shoe trauma I am willing to give Rocket Dog another chance.  Just be warned it's kind of a long saga if you're unsatisfied with the quality of your shoes & need to return or replace something.


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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