Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mark Fast Normal vs. Minnie

So, I feel like I am letting women world wide down when I say that I saw (Canadian) designer Mark Fast's fall/winter 2010 show tonight...and didn't like the use of large (aka normal) models.  I surprised myself...and then I realized, it's not the's the clothes!  I want to support Canadian designers as much as I want to support regular sized women on runways, but these clothes looked poor on even the stick skinny models.  None of them could walk properly in their giant shoes, so their posture was awful and gave this weird stick out my belly so I look pregnant look.  And, coloured tights were featured (yay) but most of the models had lumps and bumps where you can tell the waist of the tights ends. Proper undergarments people!  All in all, this seemed like a really poor production.
I feel that I must clarify at this point that:
  1. I do not have the money to buy this man's designer clothing
  2. I do not have any personal experience producing runway shows
  3. I have not had personal success in neither design nor sewing garments

I would love for you to judge this collection for yourself.
check out this link from


  1. Does he not like women? Who would wear this crap?

  2. Boy, I think your mom is right. Who WOULD wear this crap? I don't think it's the models fault the clothes look bad.

  3. I have always wondered when I have seen a fashion show "Would ANYONE really EVER wear THAT?"


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