Tuesday, July 6, 2010

early inheritance

My parents gave me a painting today!

It's one that I remember them having my whole life.  Until today its newest home had been on the wall above my parent's stairs.  I had to take it down to make room for us to bring a new mattress up the stairs and thought "hmmm...I love this painting....it's the right colours for my appartment...and it's the perfect size for the big empty wall above my couch..."
So I asked them if I could take it home.  Mum seemed very ready to part with it and dad agreed without too much convincing.  My dad's brother painted it, so I'm extra happy that I've inherited a family heirloom.
See it below in all its glory above my couch.

According to my dad, my uncle had originally painted a moose in the lake, then decided to paint it out.  When his brother* saw the revised painting he asked "where's the moose?!" and my uncle replied "It just came out for a drink.  It's back in the woods now".  I love art that tells a story ;)

*I know that any other brother to my father would also be my uncle, but I felt the above telling keeps it from being confusing...go with it.


  1. Lovely. See, you're not out of the will after all.

  2. Ha, your mom's comment was funny. Just be careful, it may be all you get! ;-)

    The painting is really nice and it looks great with your couch. It's also nice that your uncle painted it and it has family history.

  3. that's awesome! what a special painting it must be then!


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