Monday, June 28, 2010

Patience + Gift Card = New Dress

You know that feeling when you put your hand in a pocket of old pants, or a coat that was packed away and you realize there's money in it? Whether it's 1 dollar or 5, you just feel elated!  I had a similar moment yesterday.  I realized that I have a gift card in my wallet that I had totally forgotten about.  I got it for my birthday (in March) and there was still $15.00 left!!!
So, I headed back to Zellers the land of my tres fab dress fashion show and decided to see if my beloved red dress was on sale...and low and behold it was!  See what happens when you embrace thrift people?  The universe listens. 

I heart it!  I think it would look good with my red trench (and look how clean my bathroom looks!)

yup, it does.  This trench I mostly paid for with a birthday gift certificate too.

The dress was originally $39.97 and I totally had no good reason to buy it except that I liked it (I know, that should be reason enough, but I couldn't justify it) so today I found it on sale for $20.00 and had $15.35 left on the gift card!! After taxes I paid like 7 bucks! So happy am I.  It was such a steal that I thought I should buy it in another colour/pattern, but I think my husband would have given me one of his utterly disparaging 'looks' and then sighed and then I would have felt bad for buying 3 dresses in one week...and really and truly not needing I just bought the red one and enjoyed it.
How many dresses do I own....I'm going to go count....

*please entertain yourself, this could take a moment.  My closet, and whole bedroom at the moment, is a bit like walking into a great abyss. *

Neat freaks and FF please look away now

Please note this photo has, tragically, not been styled for dramatic effect...I had 20 minutes to make the rest of my apartment look publicable so my bedroom took one for the team.  Also note the totally '80s comforter that stays on my floor as my dog has now adopted it.

ok, I made it

I have 22 hanging up in my closet.
8 of them are black (2 of them black & white)
1 (not prev. counted) is in a bag to go to my sister as it is too small and I have never even worn it :(
And I have not counted out of season dresses that are packed away in the garage....
Or my wedding dress, prom dresses, and various gowns that my mother so graciously boards.  Maybe you should post a pic of those mumsie.

Dresses seem to be my new shopping addiction, as well as wigs.  It used to be jackets, but that's subsiding now.  What are some of your favourite wardrobe items?

Some fav dress moments:

Gift from a friend!

I constantly borrow this dress from my sis-in-law!

What girl doesn't love her wedding dress?!

Mermaid costume fashioned from my old roomie's bridesmaid dress

This says everything about our personalities.  I am a little black dress and hubby is a ball cap and sweatshirt.
(this dress was not included in above little black dress count.  I do still have it and love it dearly, but it tragically doesn't currently fit...ugh...someday...)

Thanks for indulging me!  Happy Monday.


  1. Totally cannot believe you showed your bedroom. Hope FringeGirl sees you're keeping it real!
    Great deal on the dress btw.

  2. That dress is the bee's knees!! I love it and it looks fab on you.

    ps- Where on earth do you work that requires an only b&w dress code? Sounds tres chic!

  3. Flower Patch Farmgirl:
    Thanks, I think it's a fun dress too!
    I work in a little boutique. We do aesthetics & I'm the Chanel counter manager. I do a blog for the store if you wanna see it.

  4. Oh, my goodness! How did I originally miss this post?? I adore you even more now. You showed a photo of your room in that heap of clothes. I love it! I also love your red dress. You need to show a photo of yourself in this dress. That's another WIWW post. ;-) Seriously, I think you should definitely participate in the whole WIWW. You'd be terribly inspiring to the rest of us fashion frumps. You can even add a little makeup section if you'd like.



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