Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fashion Choices

the weather has been very gray & dreary lately.  I'm always temped to wear gray comfy things when the weather is like this.  This past Sunday morning was one such day, but I decided to challange the weather and will the sun to come out with my secret weapon.  I reccomned my secret weapon to you all.  It is: old lady florida flower pants!
I found these at a second hand store last week.  At first I tried them on as a joke, but then I realized 3 things:
1. They fit well
2. My hubby will hate them
3. I can wear them to church & my hubby's little cousin will love them
so, I bought them...for $5.95 & took a pic in the dressing room so I could share the experience.

At church on Sunday I was explaing to one of the guys in our youthgroup that I was wearing these pants to make it stop raining and encourage the sun.  He quickly replied "Maybe they need watering".  But you know what?  By the end of the service it was a beautiful sunny day.  See!  Get out your crazy flower pants people.  Embrace them.
Now, to prove that I can look fashionable without flower pants (but still on the cheap) check this out! A friend of mine gave me a fab dress the other day that I love muchly.  It has a very 60s vibe, which is totally up my alley.
I am sporting the Red Pheonix Emporium necklace my mum recently gave me...I love free outfits!!


  1. You look like two different people in those pics!

  2. The dress is beautiful!!! You look gorgeous, but you look super cute in the grandma Florida pants. Those pants are the perfect match for a rainy day.



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