Monday, May 17, 2010

Polka Dot Challenge

The Glamourai, whose blog I love & could not live without, gave herself a polka dot challenge last week.  Everyday she had to wear at least 2 polka dot prints; a different outfit each day.  She got so much positive feedback about this challenge and her fab outfits that she extended the challenge to her readers and is offering a credit to her store to the winner.  Check out her blog here.

I decided to make a submission and hired my favourite fashion photographer: my mum.
Here are the various pictures. 

this gray shirt belonged to my Grammie, the blue shirt was a Sears Outlet find, the pearl broach was a wedding gift from my bridesmaid, and the bracelet was a gift from my father.
Note the circular motif echoed in the headband, while not expressly polka dots, I think it works.

After this outfit I realized I still had multiple poka dot pieces that I hadn't used.  Then I realized I could complete this challenge with just accessories!
This scarf was $1.00

love my polka dot tote bag!

the dots on these knee socks are pink & white


  1. Thanks for the credit Dahling!

  2. You are too cute. i hope you win! He pieces are to die for!

  3. SO FUN! Love your grandma's shirt. You look great in dots and kudos to the photographer.



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