Monday, May 31, 2010

My hubby & our neurosis ...the mind reels.

My husband came out of our bedroom the other day like this:

and instead of laughing, my first reaction was "don't tangle it, that's not a toy".  Then, I realized I sounded like I was talking to a 2 year old (I can hear you saying "aren't you?")  and started laughing.  As my co-worker said today "he does not make a pretty girl"...I think it's the goatee.

In other neurotic a bizillion months ago our nightside lamp went kaput.  It was one of those tri lights that you just touch, it was cool in it's day, but it started turning on and off by itself and then finally not turning on at for those bizillion months it sat, useless, on the nightside table.  Finally I thought, we do not have enough space in this tiny bedroom to give realestate to a lamp that doesn't work.  So I turfed the lamp & we went without....that meant when I wanted to go to sleep and hubby wanted to read, the giant overhead light had to stay on, and then he had to get up, turn off the light, and come back to bed.  So then hubby decided to just bring his flashlight to bed and read with that....which worked well until the batteries died...did we buy more?  No, he started using the tiny LED light from his keychain....until that you realize I'm talking months and neither of us ever, ever uttered the words "Hey, we need to buy a new lamp for the bedroom".
So, now the LED flashlight is drained and we're back to square one....think we bought a lamp?  Wrong!
I bought this:
A head lamp at the dollar store. 
I brought it home saying "I bought you a present today.  Don't get excited, it's practical".  And he's worn it ever since.  Not a single eye roll or sigh.  I really didn't expect him to wear it.  But you know, still neither one of us has suggested buying a 'real' lamp.  It works. 


  1. Oh my. Hubby looks great with long hair. ;)

  2. So funny! I think the little head lamp is funnier than the hair, but your hubby is quite hysterical in all that hair. I need to look for one of those head lamps for my son. He'd love it!



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