Saturday, May 15, 2010

Faux Fuchsia - A Tribute

This past Mother's Day while at church I presented my dear mum with her gift.  She in turn gave me a gift...I know, mum's are not supposed to gift their daughters on this special day (any other is just fine though).
I looked in wonder at this little package and she told me that she had ordered it for me for Christmas, but now that it was here, she couldn't wait to give it to me and "you'll know what it is as soon as you open it"...which seems like a redundant statement, but in this situation it did make sense.
So, I opened up a fabulous necklace that a fabulous blogger mum & follow wears!  Her blog is  run don't walk people.  She's in Austraila and mum ordered the necklace from Red Pheonix Emporium, which is also in Austraila.
I love it 11/10 and have worn it almost every day.

FF, as she is lovingly known by her readers, hates chipped nail polish, endorses good grooming and frequently posts pictures of her fashionable ensembles...always omitting her face in a tasteful show of privacy (which you'll note from this blog I do not regularly do).

As a tribute to FF I got mum to take a picture of me in my visionary necklace a la FF.

In keeping with her love of designer frocks (heavily discounted of course), I am wearing my Chanel twinset (aka, my work uniform...but it sounds more glamourous as simply twinset) and just to balance the Chanel I am wearing shoes from payless that are at least 4 years old...I love these 11/10 too. 

Here is FF being visionary in Pucci & her Red Pheonix Emporium necklace.  Check out her entire blog post here. 

And on a totally different note....I now have old lady feet!!  At's all down hill from here I can tell.  I have corns!!!!!!!!!  Right now, I kid you not I have Dr. Scholl's corn remover pads on both of my baby toes...this is not right people.  I discovered the issue after trying to go a complete work day in my John Fluevog shoes...
...I love these shoes and paid waaay too much money for hurts my heart that I may not be able to wear them.  I do not want to relegate them to "2 hour Shoe" status...but alas, I may well have to.  At least my Reebok Simply Tone sneakers are the comfiest cushiest things ever and can nurse me through this foot trauma.

Now I must off to bed.  I will most likely wear my visionary necklace to church tomorrow with my heavily discounted Vera Wang Dress and Calvin Klein sweater...if mum will oblidge as photographer again you may see it.

Bedtime people, run don't walk


  1. So cute! You are too funny! I love FF.

  2. What a lovely story about the exchange of gifts on mother's day. What a trendy mum you must have.
    P.s Glad you like our necklace.
    Willow & Lotus

  3. Love it! You look SO cute. You have a good mum to buy you that fabulous necklace. Sorry about your old lady feet. I don't do well in heels for long periods of time either....except for one pair of Vera Wang shoes I have. They are wonderful and comfortable and obnoxiously high, but I even wore them in the airport in Atlanta and I walked miles.

    Can't wait to go check out the website. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. @ FringeGirl: doesn't Vera Wang rock?! I have a few of her things that I found at Khols! That woman knows what she's doing...I bet the mattresses she makes are heavenly to sleep on!


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