Monday, May 31, 2010

My hubby & our neurosis ...the mind reels.

My husband came out of our bedroom the other day like this:

and instead of laughing, my first reaction was "don't tangle it, that's not a toy".  Then, I realized I sounded like I was talking to a 2 year old (I can hear you saying "aren't you?")  and started laughing.  As my co-worker said today "he does not make a pretty girl"...I think it's the goatee.

In other neurotic a bizillion months ago our nightside lamp went kaput.  It was one of those tri lights that you just touch, it was cool in it's day, but it started turning on and off by itself and then finally not turning on at for those bizillion months it sat, useless, on the nightside table.  Finally I thought, we do not have enough space in this tiny bedroom to give realestate to a lamp that doesn't work.  So I turfed the lamp & we went without....that meant when I wanted to go to sleep and hubby wanted to read, the giant overhead light had to stay on, and then he had to get up, turn off the light, and come back to bed.  So then hubby decided to just bring his flashlight to bed and read with that....which worked well until the batteries died...did we buy more?  No, he started using the tiny LED light from his keychain....until that you realize I'm talking months and neither of us ever, ever uttered the words "Hey, we need to buy a new lamp for the bedroom".
So, now the LED flashlight is drained and we're back to square one....think we bought a lamp?  Wrong!
I bought this:
A head lamp at the dollar store. 
I brought it home saying "I bought you a present today.  Don't get excited, it's practical".  And he's worn it ever since.  Not a single eye roll or sigh.  I really didn't expect him to wear it.  But you know, still neither one of us has suggested buying a 'real' lamp.  It works. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tights, Elevators, & a Fashion Diva

Guess what arrived in the mail today?

More tights!

I'm thinking maybe it's supposed to say: yarn...not sure

Now, on to elevators.  Ever wish you had one in your house?  My husband's parents do!

It is tres cool.
I highly reccomned having one.

And now to the afore mentioned fashion diva.  My hubby's little cousin is 11 and is one of the biggest fashionistas I've ever seen.  And, the fact that all her siblings (4) are either boys or tomboys kinda boggles the mind.  I love her fashion forward disposition...she was wearing dark nail polish long before me, & sometimes she creates looks that are uniquely hers:

I felt this ensemble had to be appreciated, ripped leggings and all.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

guest posting

My mum asked me to do a guest post on her blog.  So today I am sending you here to check it out!
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Polka Dot Challenge

The Glamourai, whose blog I love & could not live without, gave herself a polka dot challenge last week.  Everyday she had to wear at least 2 polka dot prints; a different outfit each day.  She got so much positive feedback about this challenge and her fab outfits that she extended the challenge to her readers and is offering a credit to her store to the winner.  Check out her blog here.

I decided to make a submission and hired my favourite fashion photographer: my mum.
Here are the various pictures. 

this gray shirt belonged to my Grammie, the blue shirt was a Sears Outlet find, the pearl broach was a wedding gift from my bridesmaid, and the bracelet was a gift from my father.
Note the circular motif echoed in the headband, while not expressly polka dots, I think it works.

After this outfit I realized I still had multiple poka dot pieces that I hadn't used.  Then I realized I could complete this challenge with just accessories!
This scarf was $1.00

love my polka dot tote bag!

the dots on these knee socks are pink & white

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Faux Fuchsia - A Tribute

This past Mother's Day while at church I presented my dear mum with her gift.  She in turn gave me a gift...I know, mum's are not supposed to gift their daughters on this special day (any other is just fine though).
I looked in wonder at this little package and she told me that she had ordered it for me for Christmas, but now that it was here, she couldn't wait to give it to me and "you'll know what it is as soon as you open it"...which seems like a redundant statement, but in this situation it did make sense.
So, I opened up a fabulous necklace that a fabulous blogger mum & follow wears!  Her blog is  run don't walk people.  She's in Austraila and mum ordered the necklace from Red Pheonix Emporium, which is also in Austraila.
I love it 11/10 and have worn it almost every day.

FF, as she is lovingly known by her readers, hates chipped nail polish, endorses good grooming and frequently posts pictures of her fashionable ensembles...always omitting her face in a tasteful show of privacy (which you'll note from this blog I do not regularly do).

As a tribute to FF I got mum to take a picture of me in my visionary necklace a la FF.

In keeping with her love of designer frocks (heavily discounted of course), I am wearing my Chanel twinset (aka, my work uniform...but it sounds more glamourous as simply twinset) and just to balance the Chanel I am wearing shoes from payless that are at least 4 years old...I love these 11/10 too. 

Here is FF being visionary in Pucci & her Red Pheonix Emporium necklace.  Check out her entire blog post here. 

And on a totally different note....I now have old lady feet!!  At's all down hill from here I can tell.  I have corns!!!!!!!!!  Right now, I kid you not I have Dr. Scholl's corn remover pads on both of my baby toes...this is not right people.  I discovered the issue after trying to go a complete work day in my John Fluevog shoes...
...I love these shoes and paid waaay too much money for hurts my heart that I may not be able to wear them.  I do not want to relegate them to "2 hour Shoe" status...but alas, I may well have to.  At least my Reebok Simply Tone sneakers are the comfiest cushiest things ever and can nurse me through this foot trauma.

Now I must off to bed.  I will most likely wear my visionary necklace to church tomorrow with my heavily discounted Vera Wang Dress and Calvin Klein sweater...if mum will oblidge as photographer again you may see it.

Bedtime people, run don't walk

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ThinkGeek :: Mini Donut Factory

ThinkGeek :: Mini Donut Factory

This is fabulous (and potentially dangerous)!   I want one.  *hint hint*

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hair Trauma Solved

So, last post I discovered that I share the same hairstyle as Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You.  It was mildly tragic.  Even my husband saw it!
I spent last week in New York City and found a wig shop! (actually, I found 3)
Anyway, here is my solution to Heath Ledger hair:

I call this my Penelope Cruz hair.  I've trimmed the bangs so now they fall straight and I don't have to sweep them to the side.

Heading to bed; it's been a long week.


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