Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Purses...they can save the day

So, my husband is forever rolling his eyes in exasperation at my many purses.  He does not see the need for all the stuff they hold, let alone appreciate the purse as being an accessory.  I maintain they are a practical (and pretty) device and crucial to my everyday life.
Well, last weekend I discovered another reason to love purses...some of you may have already discovered this....but here is my tale:

Last weekend I took a roadtrip with my friend K to Cape Breton.  She had to go for a work meeting so I got to kill time for a couple hours....not the most exciting thing to do in Cape Breton, but I'll fill you in on that in my next post. So, I went to Tim Horton's for a breakfast sandwhich ( on a bagel...sooo good) and cappucino.  Skip to: me having to go to the bathroom, but having no place to put my cup.  I went into the stall and it was one of those toilets that don't have a tank so I would have had to put my cup on the floor....I don't know about you, but public bathrooms are not my favourite places and I did NOT want to put my drink on the floor.  Luckily my purse saved the day!  As I hung it up I realized what a lovely sling it would make and surely it could hold my cup...
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

fun fact: I have a friend whose great aunt lived in NYC.  She grew up in a small town and I think was always wary of big cities....so she kept a brick in her purse!!  Sure enough one day someone tried to mug and and this little old lady hauled back, swung the purse, and whacked the guy!  Everyone on the sidewalk clapped!  true story. 


  1. You are so inventive! Horton's is the spelling missy and I'm so exasperated that you ignore your spell check. ;)

  2. The old lady story is a hoot! Was that D's great aunt?

  3. @ Deb: Thanks. I don't need to make you my unofficial editor, you've already assumed the role :)
    I can't remember if it's D's aunt, or K's.

  4. Love the brick story! It's definitely a good think you had your purse and your camera. ;-)



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