Thursday, April 15, 2010

my garden...well, my patches of soil with plant life...

The other day my mum had a little inferiority complex about her garden, not that there is anything she could do about the garden itself.  As she pointed out we live in a cold costal town (that got snow this morning!!! I am not impressed) and the garden she was comparing hers to was in California.
You can see that garden 'totally pwned' mum's here.
So, to make her feel better I have decided to photograph what I generously describe as my garden.

BTW: I do not even have roses (as if you couldn't tell)
this is one of my gardens
it needs some love. 

but my chives appear to be thriving.

hosta seems to be comming along

i'll level with you here, i don't even know what this is. dad gave it to me last least it came back...that's good, right?

my daffodils.  mum, yours are totally kicking my butt.
J said i had buds but something has nibbled them off.

well, this year, much to my husband's chagrin i plan on changing my little garden....dramatically.  The Veseys Seed Catologue arrived the other day! I want everything!

But, what I REALLY want are Dahlias.  They are my favourite flower. So happy and bright. So many fun varieties.  I want beds just full of them! They look like daisies on steroids...and who doesn't like daisies?!

speaking of steriods... look at THIS!

this was in the Veseys catologue and has changed my life. 
Enjoy perusing their website here.

I am going to go plan my dream garden

speaking of dreams...
I've actually been to the gym twice within a 7 day period....true story.  I am very proud of myself.  Let's hope this becomes a habit...although I could cancel my membership and have that extra money for flowers...


  1. Very nice post. What is "pwned"? I think those green leafy things are day lilies.

  2. "pwned" is a gamer term. "I got totally decimated" = "I got pwned". Sorry that someone pwned your garden, but mine sucks more :)
    ps, dad tended to it last night when he fed Lucy! I tried to call and thank him, but there was no answer.

  3. I don't even have a garden to show - good or bad! At least you planted something and it's coming back.

    Congrats on getting to the gym! That's an awesome start.

    Those steroid flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. @ FringeGirl,
    when you do start a garden be sure to include some steriod flowers, it's just not the same with out them. I'll see how they survive. I'm going to have to remember to dig up the bulbs, and then in the spring remember that I dug up the bulbs and have to replant them.


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