Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Confession...part 1 & 2

Part 1.
I have allergies.  I long ago made peace with constant nose blowing.  If the sound of someone blowing their nose with all their might makes you gag, I'm sorry, you cannot be my friend.  It just won't work.  I have no shame and I am loud.  Tip: Kleenex 3-ply with lotion is fabulous!  It's the only brand that keeps my nose from chapping.
All that being said, I am constantly surrouned by tissue boxes and therefore, used tissues.  There is usually a little mound beside me when my allergies are acting up.  My confession is, I am so accustomed to this that I don't see it, used tissues do not gross me out.  I am forever leaving used tissues all around my house much to my husband's chagrin.
I took a little survey of my surroundings the other day....case in point:
This is the table infront of me...

...And this is the spot on the couch I just got up from.  Please note (again) the totally 80's bedspread.

Part 2: I am Meg Ryan.  Remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally when Meg crys to Billy Crystal because Joe is getting married.  She's blowing her nose and just throwing the tissues...I am sure that this is a trait that she has chosen to give her characters and not given by the director...anyway, that's me!


Flash forward to You've Got Mail.  There is a fabulous scene where Meg has a cold and she's trying to quickly clean up all used tissues she thrown willy-nilly around her apartment.  I have done this!  The doorbell rings and I realize to normal people I look like I'm just living in my own filth.  I do this mad dash to clean all the tissues up, and there is always either a dirty plate or bowl around and I always put all the tissues onto it or into it, just like she does in this scene!  I am not alone!  It just cracks me up that I do this exactly like she does.

ps. the sound is not synched properly in this clip. I apologize.

I'm glad to know that of all the people in the world Meg Ryan is my kindred spirit :)


  1. This cracked me up! I have allergies too and dirty tissues are everywhere. I go to sleep with tissues in my hand and tucked under my pillow, because I wake up to blow during the night. Every so often, I need to move my bed to clear out all the dirty tissues that have fallen behind the bed. It's insanity!

    Anyway, I'm glad to know I am not alone. My husband says that I left a wad of dirty tissues in his apartment the first time I was there for a party. Love gifts, I tell him.

  2. @ FringeGirl:
    AHH! We are one. I too go to sleep holding tissues. My husband just rolls his eyes. I'm glad we both married good men who put up with this...I mean, who appreciate our 'love gifts'.
    I actually thought about taking a picture of all the tissues under my bed but I was too ashamed, lol.

  3. I have got to show this post to my daughter. She walks around with a roll of toilet paper under her arm during allergy season!

  4. There's at least one box of tissue in every room in my house. I love the Kleenex 3 ply with lotion.

  5. @ Charming's Mama:
    I always have one in my car too! Napkins from the glove box just will not do.

    @ trash talk: I hope this is at least cashmere toilet paper ;)
    my nose wouldn't survive on toilet paper during allergy season...that's a goal I strive for.


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