Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cape Breton and Yoda...a great adventure

As mentioned in my last post I went to Cape Breton last weekend with a friend.  It was a lot of driving.  4 hours to get to her place, then the next morning we were up and on the road by 7am for a 3 hour drive.  She was going for a work meeting and we were driving back that same day.  So, a lot of driving but a great opportunity to chat and catch up.

We drove up in a rental car, it was a 2010 Ford Fusion, and was it ever nice!

I fell in love with Sattelite Radio.  It displays the artist name & song title! One of my pet peeves when I listen to the radio is not knowing who it is when  a song comes on, and the DJs never seem to talk anymore between songs, just at the top of the hour with annoying nonsense...anyway, that's beside the point....yay satellite radio!

When she went in to her meeting I was left to my own devices for a few hours. Not much to do in Saint Peters so K told me some high lights.

The magic starts here on Denys St.

There are beautiful views of the water

And I got to share this lovely lookout spot with none other than Yoda himself...I kid you not.

See! Yoda.

And me sharing the view with him

Now the odd thing about the placement of this lovely Yoda fire hydrant is that not only is it accross the street from a National Historic Site in is basically in front of a little museum...and not one associated in any way to George Lucas or his me this kind of subtracts from the seriousness and/or credibility of said museum...but I also took my pic with Yoda so I can't really say much....
Just to the left of the museum's sign lives Yoda.  Poor sign, it's seen better days.  Yoda needs to get some Jedi powers working on it.
Bizzare/gross fact alert! Inside this museum is a Spanish Bible that is bound in human skin.  Yes, true story.  The cover of it is skin, it has been tested and discovered to be the skin of a caucasian female.  I did not go in to see it, the museum looked very closed, but my friend does site visits there and told me.  She's going to have the Bible sent away for further testing. Oh Cape Breton, what will I find next?!
Oh! Stewie, what are you doing in Cape Breton...outside a consignment store??
see him??

Yup, definately Stewie....

This costal adventure has taught me many things:  Ford actually makes a car that I like, my purse can hold coffee cups , Bibles can be made from human skin, and that where ever you go look at the fire hydrants - it could make your day


  1. Love the hydrants. Oh Cape Breton!

  2. Great pictures and really cool hydrants. Human skin? Ewwwww...



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