Saturday, February 20, 2010

m&m's + pac-man = my saturday night

Every Saturday night my husband and I have youth group.  We alternate between weeks at our house and weeks at the church.  When it's at our house it's very laid back fellowship; we usually play board games and chat and the teens bring friends.  On the opposit Saturdays, at the church, it's only the worship team that meets and it's more serious devotions, prayer, and practicing worship music.  Tonight was at our house and it was definately not a serious night!  Proof shown by the photos below:

It all started with this bowl of mini m&m's (notice there are no red ones as I bought this entire package to use only the red ones for Valentine's Day cookies....which btw actually got made the day after Valentine's and didn't turn out at all...I digress).

As we were all eating the mini m&m's this guy (above) started making pictures with thing led to another and soon true art project was about to be realized....

He is now hard at work to create the Pac-Man game out of m&m's!

and even Pac-Man himself!


random shot of matt's arm because a 12 yr old was using my camera!

Great art is timeless....m&m art is yummy!

God Bless us all, everyone.

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