Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Editor in Chief

I have been given the task of editing a novel. It's quite exciting! My father in law has been wanting to and talking about writing a historical fiction on James Beyea, a loyalist of whom he is a descendent. Last month he took a 3 week sabatical to do it.
I'm learning alot as I read and discovering quite the hidden talent of my father in law's writing skills. I shouldn't be surprised as he is an excellent story teller.
The first part of my job as editor is to take all of his handwritten pages and type them so they can be saved and edited by computer. I have 97 pages to type. Today I typed about 21 which, when I ran the word count feature, is 6,325 words! And let me say that reading his handwriting is not the easiest of tasks!

Neutrogena skinId update: my skin is still breaking out!! and I find the pimples are lasting longer than usual...I've been on it 3.5 weeks now...I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to give it....I'm so frustrated by breakouts!

5 random things from the past week
  1. My boss invited me and a co-worker out to a fancy dinner (can't wait!)
  2. my sis-in-law went to and came home from a 2 day trip in NYC!
  3. started planning my own trip to NCY with her, my mom and my other sis in law
  4. made sloppy joes for supper last night (yum!)
  5. gave up television


  1. WOW! Gave up tv, what's that about?

  2. all I watch are sitcoms, reality tv, and talkshows....really, it's all crap.
    I have better things to do with my time then plunk my butt infront of the tv. And, I think I should find better things to fill my mind with


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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