Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bye Bye Wisdom Teeth & 5 Pounds!

This morning I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed...It was a lot less brutal then everyone had warned me.  Thank you God for answering prayers, I'm sure that had a lot to do with it.
I don't even have bruising or much swelling.
Here's my before pic. Warning: it was early in the morning and I was forbidden to wear make-up.

My nurse said that my procedure was textbook and said everything went perfectly.  She called me Sleeping Beauty as I recoved in the recovery room. 

Here's what I looked like by the time I got home.  Almost no swelling...just my lips are super puffy from the out Angelina!

My nurse gave me two icepacks to take with me for the ride home (almost an hour).  She filled baggies with ice and wrapped them in hospital bootie covers! I found this amusing but it works very well.

My nurse was soo cracked up when, upon helping me redress, she noticed that the socks I wore into the operating room had skulls and crossbones on them.  She laughed and didn't think they were very encouraging when going into surgery.  Honestly, they matched so I put them on.  I like my skull socks.

Please note the totally '80s comforter that I became co-owner of when marrying my husband

Jana, my neighbour and sis-in-law, came over with my nephew and brought me flowers and a balloon!
I have such good friends and fam!
Look how pretty they are (the flowers, not the family....not that they aren't pretty, I'm just not posting a pic of them to show you).


I've involuntarily embarked on a new weightloss program.   I've disovered a secret I'm suprised dentists aren't marketing:  Quick, Easy Weightloss due to dental surgary.  It hurts to eat anything but soup and apple sauce and I've been drinking water all day.   They really need to start capitalizing on this.
A simple dental  day surgery is a great way to shake off that last stubbern 5 pounds.  Want to look a little better for that date next your dentist!  I had all wisdom teeth removed but if you've done that already try a Gum Graft.  Read all about it here:
Have a more serious weightloss goal?  Talk to your dentist about that annoying under/over bit problem....or headaches...then have them break your jaw and wire your teeth shut!  No solid food for weeks is just the thing for those lacking the will power (a good sense) to eat well and exercise.  The painfull and invasive gastric bypass surgery is no longer the only surgical option!  Take that Jenny Craig... we don't need your crappy food either, we have dentists!


  1. Hee, you're a real comedian! That Jana always gets ahead of me on the thoughtful stuff. ;)

  2. I can't believe how good you look for just getting your wisdom teeth out. Seriously, it was the worst experience of my life. Worse than childbirth and I was asleep for my teeth and awake for birth. My teeth were impacted and my face swelled for over a week. I got sick from the medicine...blah, blah, blah. Anyway, glad all went well for you. I think I need another dental procedure, because I sure need to lose some weight!!

  3. Hey FringeGirl,
    I'm so sorry for your experience with wisdom teeth! Sounds Brutal! I'm starting to get slightly more swollen today and it's a little more painful, but still not too bad. Tell your denist to give me the referral fee :)


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