Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Sad Truth...

... is that I've only joined this site so that I could comment on my mother's newly created blog site.... Loyalist Cottage

but since I'm here I might as well use it.

I started using skiniD, the "personalized acne solution" from Neutrogena today. I'm a 12-40-32. Hopefully this will be an end to my skin woes. Working in the beauty industry as a make-up artist, it does no good to have crap skin.

I used the cleanser, toner, medicated lotion, and spot treatment tonight. My skin feels a little tight, like I want to slather moisturizer on it, but I shall restrain myself. It may dry my skin out before it regulates itself....I'll see how it goes, I may have to add another moisturizer to the routine. I'm oily AND dehyrdrated, so I can't do with only acne med and no moisture.

5 random things about today:

  1. went to a funeral

  2. looked up Christian Louboutin shoe prices online at Nieman Marcus (rediculous, btw)

  3. removed my nail polish. Chanel #505 Particuliere
  4. had to pee the entire drive home from work, as per usual :s

  5. made my blog debut


  1. Congrats on your blog debut! I just came from your mom's blog. She posted one of your wedding pictures and it was unbelievable. So beautiful!

    Hope the new skin care products work for you.

  2. Ha L fringe girl beat me to it! Congrats on your blog!
    Love Mum


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