Sunday, January 24, 2010


My sis-in-law came home from her visit to Estonia last night. She and her son went over to visit with her family and they've been gone for like 3 weeks. They live next door, so it was really weird to have them gone for so long.

When she came over to say hi she brought along presents! Yay! She's so sweet :)

She gave be a beautiful cross pin. I think it's made with Swarovski crystal because it shimmers all different colours. And, her sister picked out some nail decals for me. I'll post a pic later with some on.
It's a quiet Sunday afternoon, the perfect time to give myself a manicure :)

5 Random Things From Today:

  1. Dreamt my sister was pregnant
  2. Shoveled the front steps at church this morning
  3. Mum & Dad treated my hubby and myself to lunch
  4. Had a doughnut for breakfast
  5. Still using Neutrogena SkinId

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