Sunday, January 24, 2010


My sis-in-law came home from her visit to Estonia last night. She and her son went over to visit with her family and they've been gone for like 3 weeks. They live next door, so it was really weird to have them gone for so long.

When she came over to say hi she brought along presents! Yay! She's so sweet :)

She gave be a beautiful cross pin. I think it's made with Swarovski crystal because it shimmers all different colours. And, her sister picked out some nail decals for me. I'll post a pic later with some on.
It's a quiet Sunday afternoon, the perfect time to give myself a manicure :)

5 Random Things From Today:

  1. Dreamt my sister was pregnant
  2. Shoveled the front steps at church this morning
  3. Mum & Dad treated my hubby and myself to lunch
  4. Had a doughnut for breakfast
  5. Still using Neutrogena SkinId

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jenny Craig is killing me...

in the worst way...with bad advertising....
I cannot turn on the tv without being assulted by Valerie Bertinelli's creepy perkiness....

grumble snort

5 Random Things from Today

  1. was assuted by jenny and her newest perky cohort
  2. is watching ellen right now
  3. had to try 5 times before finally making up my driveway through all the snow
  4. had a lovely breakfast with my hubby
  5. got the quote for my wisdom teeth removal...not cheap...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What I came home to...

My dog is getting old, an obviously bored when home alone.
I came home after work the other day and she had thrown her food all over the retarded....

  1. 5 Random Things from Today

1. Baked chocolate chip banana bread

2. Wore my new coral sweater

3. Had "I Got A Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas stuck in my head all day

4. Gave my dad a haircut

5. Went on facebook for the first time in a week.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

5 Random Things from Today:
  1. Got my hair coloured
  2. my mom used the term "get my groove on" in her blog
  3. ate porkchops and mashed potatoes for supper
  4. went the entire work day with no coffee or sugary treats!
  5. hosting youth group at my house tonight

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Sad Truth...

... is that I've only joined this site so that I could comment on my mother's newly created blog site.... Loyalist Cottage

but since I'm here I might as well use it.

I started using skiniD, the "personalized acne solution" from Neutrogena today. I'm a 12-40-32. Hopefully this will be an end to my skin woes. Working in the beauty industry as a make-up artist, it does no good to have crap skin.

I used the cleanser, toner, medicated lotion, and spot treatment tonight. My skin feels a little tight, like I want to slather moisturizer on it, but I shall restrain myself. It may dry my skin out before it regulates itself....I'll see how it goes, I may have to add another moisturizer to the routine. I'm oily AND dehyrdrated, so I can't do with only acne med and no moisture.

5 random things about today:

  1. went to a funeral

  2. looked up Christian Louboutin shoe prices online at Nieman Marcus (rediculous, btw)

  3. removed my nail polish. Chanel #505 Particuliere
  4. had to pee the entire drive home from work, as per usual :s

  5. made my blog debut


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