Friday, February 23, 2018

"I was promised there would be baskets!"

I saw this tweet the other day: "I was promised there would be baskets!" and man, how true.  I wish I could find it again so I could give the writer credit here.
It would seem the world is going up in flames and the proverbial hand basket in which it's supposed to take said journey to hell hasn't appeared yet. Yet. Sigh.

What would we do without finding some way to laugh? Whether to ward off tears, get through the tears, or simply in-spite of the tears - I need to find the funny.  I need to see the silver lining. I need to laugh as well as cry.

Twitter is giving my life right now in that department.  So many fierce, sharp-witted people speaking truth to lies and giving inspiration in the mist of tragedies - it seems silly, but it's not.  I will take whatever tiny morsel of joy I can.  I will embrace the sarcastic retort, the ridiculously random observation, the cutting "oh snap" moments.  I will mine for those little pieces of gold because it reminds me that nothing can stamp out total joy, we can always find something to giggle about, and that hope feeds my soul.  Also, I've decided screenshot-ing tweets is my new therapy.  Let me share the love:

Sarcastic Retort 

Ridiculously Random

Oh Snap

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Finally got my act together a put a few new fascinators in my etsy shop...only to find that items mailed from Canada (aka mine) won't be allowed to be sold until the Canada post dispute is solved. What's a gal to do?

So, I added a few to my Facebook page & made a local sale within minutes :)
Take that etsy ;)

Here's a headband that's just been posted. $12
I love the 20s vibe...and, like all my fascinators, I kinda want to keep it!
But I know someone will love it just as much as me and give it lots of wear. 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Beef Nacho Casserole - Teen Approved

This is what I made this last night for our weekly Sunday supper discipleship group, 
we call it D Group ;)
It's a mix of teens from middle to high school that join us for a meal and discipleship time before youth group. I'll admit, find it stressful sometimes to find a meal that will work for the number of people 7 - 9 (I'm used to just cooking for me & my hubby), middle to high school aged teens will like, and not cost an arm and a leg....or take all day!
This past week my mother-in-law told me and said she had the perfect recipe for me to try at 
D Group and even gave me the ingredients too! Since it was a hit (minus one person who didn't "get" why there was corn and another who thought my addition of curry powder turned up the heat factor a little too much) I thought I would share.  
I present you with: Teen Approved Beef Nacho Casserole


I adjusted the quantities for a larger crowd, but this is the recipe I worked from. I feel like the above quantities would feed 4 - 6 people.
I like this recipe because anything with almost a cup of mayo and 2 cups of cheese can't disappoint also, I like to play fast and loose with exact measurements and this recipe just 'gets' that.  You really can't mess it up.  Just adjust salsa and chili/curry powder to suite a spice level you like!

*Disclaimer...I did not take this picture. Honestly, only did a blog post so I could post the reciple .jpg I made so I could then pin it for a know how it goes...the things we do for pinterest! But, then I googled so there would be a picture (because even though it's potentially the least photogenic meal, I know I like to have a picture with a recipe) and I'm pretty sure I found the exact recipe my mother-in-law had found so I could've just pinned straight from there.
Anyway, enjoy my totally superfluous least I got to use the word superfluous :) 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wedding Decor - Part. 1 Inside

This past Thanksgiving weekend a dear friend of mine got married, at my house!
I've been planning and decorating this wedding in my head for months and now I can't believe it's over.
The bride lives about 4 hours away so all the decor and planning discussions happened over facebook messenger and she didn't see anything in person until the day before the wedding.  Lucky for me she is super laid back and totally trusted my vision - plus...I was free ;)

The maid of honour whipped up these "Bride & Groom" signs the night before the ceremony.

We went with a rustic, simple decor to fit with the simple back deck ceremony.  The reception to follow was also at my house and it was a lovely Thanksgiving family meal.
In case of rain, we had the tables pushed against the window to make room for guests inside, but it turned out the rain held off...just enough!

Baskets of flowers and a mix of tin cans and mason jars wrapped in paper doilies and twine made up most of the decor.

I'd like to thank my hydrangea tree for giving up almost all of her blossoms.

table decor was burlap hearts, paraffin leaves, and paper hearts

Our fireplace had a strand of paper hearts and craft paper bunting.

inside scoop: that center candle is in a glass Tostitos salsa jar wrapped in burlap ribbon!
The blue frog ring holder was the bride's aunts, who is no longer with us.

I found old, glass milk bottles and covered them with scraps of lace curtain.
add some branches, et voila!

we normally have guitars hanging on the wall, so I replaced the guitars with mason 
jars holding dried hydrangeas 

Thankful for my mum lending 2 sets of dishes and silverware and her glasses

Mum also lent me her cake stands.  We used them for pie stands at our dessert bar :)

these are some of the leaves I collected and dipped in paraffin wax.  I had them strewn on the tables

We made really simple place cards with just card board and cute labels.
The maid of honour did the honour of wrting all our names on the placecards 

all set and ready to be filled with Thanksgiving dinner!

This is maid of honour extraordinaire 

She painted this fabulous cake toppers on Jenga blocks

The bride and groom meet playing board games, so they decided to do a Jenga block guestbook to celebrate that.

I was super excited to use my test tube Dean & Delucca spice rack as a flower holder. 
Yay for thrift store finds

I made a wall of floating leaves with more of the waxed leaves.

I found these two prints and covered them with old doilies using a spray adhesive. 
Then I used them as a backdrop in my little china cabinet behind all the teacups.

this is my favourite creation.  I took the wiring out of an old floor lamp and re-purposed it
 as a flower hanger 

mum's china

this pattern is called Bride's Choice. how perfect.

more heart garland

I feel in love with the paper hearts

I feel in love with this heart swag - I may keep it up all the time!

charming vases; I might keep them around too

Hot Tip: tuna cans are the perfect circumference of large pillar candles.  
Use a little hot glue and twine and who is to know! 

The happy couple and some of the guests!


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